It's either cookies or poop fruitcake.


If you put "lazy dying star" into google it gets confused, so instead here's a baby elephant imitating a lazy dying star

So apparently I need therapy, but I've decided instead of therapy I'm just going to talk to the internet. Because that always ends well.

Yeah sometime in the last six months I had kind of a weird slow meltdown where I both figured out a bunch of stuff about myself and also began the process of imploding like a dying star, but slow like a lazy dying star, or a dying star that is sort of indifferent to going out in a blaze of cosmically-appropriate glory. Like a dying star that needs therapy. Apparently.

So I'm going to clean up the blog a bit and get rid of some shit I don't like. It's probably going to change course a bit. But if you've followed my blog at all (you know, forever ago), then you know I am horribly unreliable when it comes to sticking to one topic. It's the ADD. Consider it a gift. A surprise when you visit. You could get cookies! Or a fruitcake. Or a fruitcake made of poop. 

You never know. EXCITING.

1 comment:

  1. First time here.
    Looovve the excitement bit..
    And the lazy elephant in the mud. So want to be him, all chilled and worries-free.


I'm not always great at replying to comments but I DO read every single one of them and I always reply in my head. So in my mind we've had this deep conversation about the meaning of life or whatever, and we're best friends, and we craft together on Sunday afternoons while drinking Mojitos and watching old Indiana Jones movies. So thank you for your comments. And now I want a mojito.

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